www.strivefit.com STRIVE is a world-class manufacturer of the "Ultimate Fitness Circuit", featuring it's patented Smart Strength™ technology. It is the preferred choice of health clubs, YMCA's, sports performance centers, celebrity trainers, rehab facilities, the Military and anyone who wants the best results in the least amount of time. If you want to make a difference in a persons health and your business, STRIVE Smart Circuit™ is the solution.  
  www.woodway.com For over 30 years WOODWAY treadmills have met the demands of the world's most exclusive facilities. Our "patented" design provides the ultimate user experience. With a WOODWAY in your facility, you can assure your members you've provided them with the most exclusive, highest quality treadmill on the planet. Your members will feel the difference.  
  www.proflexstretch.com The ProFlex Stretch machine incorporates patented technology to provide a safe, effective stretching system enabling the user to develop "total-body" flexibility ....50% improvement within the first 6 weeks GUARANTEED! It's the only stretching machine that measures upper & lower body improvement while insuring proper technique & relaxation.  
  www.scifit.com SCIFIT is a leading provider of premium commercial fitness and rehabilitation equipment. SCIFIT's Iso-Strength program employs iso-kinetics resistance to provide upper and lower body strength and conditioning as well as core development. SCIFIT is ideal for athletes and general fitness enthusiasts.  

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